Frequently asked questions
and answers

Which region does the eBike leasing initiative cover?

At present, Out of Eden are offering eBike leasing exclusively to customers in an area that extends up to 30 miles from Kirkby Stephen.

This includes Alston and Penrith, Richmond, Leyburn and Catterick, to Kendal, Windermere and Ambleside.

We have chosen this initial area so that we can ensure our full service of maintenance and support is available to all our customers.

What is the minimum number of bikes I can lease?

We are happy to lease as few as four bikes to any establishment. We anticipate your guests will want to hire the eBikes as couples / pairs so that they can explore the region together. If guests see one pair of bikes being hired, this could be a prompt for other guests to want to do the same.

There isn’t a limit on the number of bikes per business and, obviously, the amount of rooms you have should help guide the number you feel comfortable with.

How old do guests need to be to hire the eBikes?

Current UK legislation requires a minimum age of 14 years for anyone to ride an electrically assisted pedal cycle (or EAPC, or eBike, or Pedelec). However, to comply with our insurance criteria, persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and the hire agreement taken in their name.

Is it possible to try the eBikes before we commit?

Absolutely! Once we have an expression of interest from you, we can arrange to meet and bring along one of the eBikes for you to see (and try out if you wish!), and to talk through the business model in more detail.

Are the eBikes suitable for off-road use?

The FuTour E8 eBikes are hybrid touring models which are perfectly fine on country roads and cycle paths (including gravel) but not suitable for mountain bike routes and bridleways.

We would ask that this is communicated to anyone hiring the bikes as damage sustained as a result of improper use or riding over ‘extreme’ terrain is not be covered in the maintenance agreement.

Can the eBikes be sub-let to another business?

As the agreement is between you (and your business) and Out of Eden Ltd, sub-leasing the eBikes to another business is not permitted.

Isn't our region too hilly for bikes?

Leisure cycling doesn’t need to to be about scaling the highest climbs or descending at high speed. Wherever you are there is plenty of gentle rolling countryside to be found, offering a relaxing and peaceful cycling day out. Also don’t forget that electric bikes make light work of big hills.

What about the busy roads?

Don’t be put off if your business isn’t situated on a quiet country lane as there’s plenty of routes that are away from the main thoroughfares where cyclists can explore for miles and hardly see any traffic. From the Eden Valley to the Howgills and the Dales, as well as much of the central and eastern Lake District, there are plenty of routes for visitors to explore.

Isn't the weather unfavourable for cycling?

Visitors to our area are a pretty hardy bunch and they come prepared for all seasons and elements. We all know that the north gets more than its fair share of wind and rain through the year, but that doesn’t stop cyclists enjoying the beautiful  countryside.

Is it a sustainable activity?

Obviously there needs to be some energy usage to power-up the eBikes but apart from that it’s a gloriously green activity where your guests can explore our wonderful region carefree and car free!

How can I inspire my guests to hire the eBikes?

Cycling is not just an activity for enthusiasts so giving advice and support to visitors on interesting places they can visit, the new sights to see, the attractions and activities within reach are all great ways to communicate the offering. There are so many great days out that can appeal to cyclists of all ages and abilities – just look a short distance from your front door and there’s a wealth of opportunities for a great day out by bike.

If you have any questions about Out of Eden’s eBike leasing, or the bikes themselves, then please do get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss further.